WaterBridge Steel
FN #2

In 1989, John Harding responded to additional service demands.  A larger ferry was planned and fabricated.  The completed hull was launched and the superstructure and engine components fitted into place.  Upon completion, the new 250 foot ferry was named “FN #2”.  Finlay Navigation ferries were roll on/roll off, zero discharge industrial transporters capable of handling bulk commodities – log and mineral trucks or mobile equipment of any size.  


FN #2 Construction

During the summer months, the “FN #2” provided twice-weekly service to remote logging camps and villages.  The ferry hauled equipment and commodities ranging from loaded transportation trucks to construction supplies and bulk fuel deliveries.


FN # 2 Fully Loaded In the Summer

During the winter months, the “FN 2” made shuttle trips across Williston Lake providing time saving transportation to light traffic and up to 320 fully loaded, off-highway logging trucks every day.


FN #2 Winter Operation