WaterBridge Steel

Gallery - June - August 2012 - Site Preparation: Due to the size and complexity of the new vessel it will be built on-site on the shore of Arrow Lake. We found a good build site in the picturesque Village of Nakusp, however the old Columbia Shake and Shingle Mill needed a lot of work to be transformed into a shipyard. 

Gallery - August - September 2012 - Site Infrastructure Upgrades: More than just site cleanup was required to start construction. We upgraded all the electrical, renovated the old mill buildings and ran electricity several hundred yards to the lake shore to power welding equipment and other tools. In this time we also built and installed the structure which would form the foundation for assembling and launching the vessel. 

Gallery - September 2012 - keel Laying: Historically in the ship building trade the laying of the keel is an important milestone. This is the point that officially signifies the start of construction and the point at which the ship ceremoniously comes into existence. 

Gallery - October - November 2012 - Midship Section Takes Shape: The ferry is being built from midship outward toward each end. In October and November the mid 56 feet of the vessel started to come together on the build grid. 

Gallery - December 2012 - Racing to Get The Midship enclosed. The snow has come! Also the start of fabrication of the next 64 feet of vessel (32' at each end) which will form both the engine rooms. 

Gallery - January / February 2013. Working under the big top. Covering the hull is one of two 60'x120' tarps we will use to effectively work in all weather conditions. 

Gallery - March/April 2013: Constructing the engine and drive modules. An early end to winter was much appreciated!

Gallery - May/June 2013: Racing against the rising water.

Gallery -July 2013 - The race to complete the hull for launch. The hull of the vessel will be launched virtually empty and with no deck-house built yet. This allows for the lightest vessel weight possible for a controlled side-launch. The machinery and deck-houses will be completed when the vessel is in the water.  

Gallery -July 28th 2013 -- Launch day finally arrives 

Gallery -Aug 2013 to June 2014: From floating hull to finished vessel