WaterBridge Steel

January - February 2013


Midship section covered from the elements. We are also using two large diesel heaters to keep the inside working conditions as comfortable as possible.  


Welding the seams on the car deck. 


Working inside  the hull 


Next two 30 foot keel modules leave the shop.

Module 2

The next two sections of the vessel begin assembly. The 30 foot fore and aft sections being added will house the engine rooms. 

Module 2

The middle keel section shown here will become one of two main fuel tanks for the vessel. 

Module 2

This section of the hull starts taking shape 

Module 2

Adding another piece of the side-shell of the vessel

Module 2Shop Module 2

Fabrication continues at a fast pace in the shop.

You have to like climbing ladders to do this job...