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Babine Charger

In November 1992, John Harding entered into a contract with Northwood Pulp and Timber Ltd. to design, fabricate and operate an industrial ferry on Babine Lake in north central British Columbia.

The new ferry, the “Babine Charger”, was constructed by Finlay Navigation on the shores of Babine Lake over the spring and summer of 1993. Finlay Navigation utilized many members of the construction crew that worked on the “FN #1” and “FN #2” projects.

Babine Charger Construction


Installation of Drives


The 230 foot, 1800 hp twin z-drive “Babine Charger” passed her sea trials and Transport Canada inspection in September, 1993.  She travels at 12.5 knots and provides industry on Babine Lake with cost effective, reliable, environmentally friendly marine transportation twelve months of the year.

Babine Charger